Tatiana Cesso


Tatiana Cesso, Journalist
The Brazil Curator Founder and Editor
São Paulo native, Los Angeles resident

What I’m all about…
Sharing information about things I love. As a journalist, I’ve been writing stories on travel, arts, music, food, and fashion to the most prestigious publications in Brazil, including Elle, Vogue and Veja, the largest news magazine in the country. You can check out my articles here. I also work on Marketing and Public Relations collaborating with companies in Brazil and in the United States.

My Brazilian signature is…
My accent. It’s not just my clear Brazilian accent when I speak English but also in Brazil, as soon as I open my mouth, people know I’m a true Paulistana. Né, meu?*
(as locals say ‘all right?’)

A typical day in São Paulo includes…
A delicious meal. From breakfast to dinner, São Paulo has a number of charming bakeries and cafes, botecos (bars that server finger food), street markets, restaurants, and delectable fine dining. It’s almost impossible to go wrong on food in the city.

My playlist includes…
Tim Maia, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Cartola, Clementina de Jesus, Sabotage, Nação Zumbi, Ney Matogrosso, Elza Soares, Jorge Benjor, Céu, Azymuth, Bixiga 70, Wilson Simonal, Russo Passapusso, Os Mutantes, Thalma de Freitas, and counting… You can check out my record collection (and steal my gems!) at Discogs.

Contact Tatiana: info@thebrazilcurator.com