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Metabiotica by Alexandre Orion

The Brazil Curator is a creative content marketing agency developing cross-cultural communication strategies to Brazilian brands, artists and independent professionals in the United States. We also help foreign companies navigate and thrive in the Brazilian market by overcoming cultural differences and engaging in meaningful interactions with their audience. As composer Tom Jobim once eloquently said, “Brazil is not for beginners”, so we are here with unparalleled on-the-ground connections and expertise to tailor and spread your story, both in Brazil and in the United States.

Our services include:

Cross-Cultural Editorial Strategy and Content Development
The same story can get different values and interpretations from culture to culture. Tailoring your voice aligned with your audience is key to succeed in a foreign country. We help companies and individuals tell their distinguished stories by creating and publishing information that is helpful and interesting to their customers and prospects.

Media Relations
We are experts in sharing great stories in the press and because we’ve become a valued source of information to publications and digital influencers, we also know where the opportunities lie to spread your word, both in Brazil and in the US.

Social Media Influencers
We build partnerships with the new face of the media: bloggers, digital influencers, and ambassadors to bring more credibility to your product or message.

Website Development
A great website is the most important inbound marketing tool you can have. It’s a roadmap for your clients and the main source of information to convert visitors to customers. Whether you need a new website from scratch or a revamp, our team can work with you to develop a successful online presence.

Translation and Content Localization (English-Portuguese)
Developing communications in another country requires more than just accurate translations, it comes along with cultural awareness on how to address certain topics. It is always preferable to sound natural and authentic than to stereotype your own culture or others. We work to adapt your business DNA to the American and Brazilian markets by using expert copywriting, proofreading and marketing linguists.

Contact us: info@thebrazilcurator.com

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