Kátia Moraes’ “Mistureba” EP Release Party

Kátia Moraes by Jorge Vismara

On the evening of Sept. 24, 2017 at 8:30 p.m. at the Blue Whale, Los Angeles will be treated to a marvelous artistic experience by the releasing of “Mistureba“, Brazil’s singer-songwriter Kátia Moraes’ latest recording. Known as one of the most vibrant and dynamic Brazilian artist in town, Kátia also exhibits for the first time “Portraits of Peers – Me in Them”, a series of blind contour portraits of different musicians living in Southern California. “I think I’m a mix of a lot of people. They all speak inside of me, from ancestors to teachers, friends, and even not so friendly human beings. This show is a celebration of them in me and vice-versa”, she says.

Kátia Moraes by Jorge Vismara

Kátia Moraes began her career in Rio de Janeiro in the 80’s with the energetic band “O Espírito da Coisa”. Based in Los Angeles since 1990, she has collaborated with top Brazilian acts like Sergio Mendes, Airto Moreira, Oscar Castro-Neves, and George Duke. In 2011, she created “Brazilian Heart, a Celebration”, an annual event with music and poetry translated to English with the intent of bringing light to Brazilian artists whose legacies are not so well known in the United States.

She has released five albums in the United States. “Mistureba” is the EP for the album to be released in 2018.

Marcela Berger by Kátia Moraes

What is Mistureba?
Kátia Moraes: It’s Brazilian slang and means “hodgepodge”. I think I’m a mix of a lot of people. They all speak inside of me, from ancestors to teachers, friends, and even not so friendly human beings. This show is a celebration of them in me and vice-versa.

How your drawings became part of this show?
Kátia Moraes: In 2012, I started practicing abstract drawing with Nancy Young, head of the non-profit ArtTrek.org. She introduced me to one of the most fun ways to draw: blind contour, which is made without looking at the paper and without raising the pen from the paper. After that I always had a small drawing pad with me. When I recorded Mistureba, I decided to make a collection of portraits of my musician friends and named it “Portrait of Peers – Me in Them”. Some silly, some funky, but all about people I love who make my work here in the US possible and enjoyable.

Marcelo Bacater by Kátia Moraes

What are you preparing for Mistureba EP release party?
Kátia Moraes: I will present a full show and introduce two new songs, Mistureba which is an Afro-Brazilian groove wrote in collaboration with Bill Brendle, and Arranhado (“scratched” in Portuguese), inspired by the sound of a rusted wind wheel I found while hiking with my musical partner, Jack Majdeki. The show also features guests Ted Falcon (mandolin and violin), Clarice Cast (percussion), Nando (7-string guitar), and actors Mariana Leite and Peter Lownds. Please save the date, I would love to celebrate with you.


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