Brazil Aficionado: David Byrne’s Playlist

Iconic multi-instrumentalist David Byrne

David Byrne is a well known Brazil aficionado. Since his first time in Bahia, in 1989, which generates the documentary “Ilê Aiye“, he has professed his love for the Brazilian culture and promoted its music to the world. In his website there is a large list on Byrne’s collaborations with artists like Tom Zé, Caetano Veloso, and Marisa Monte.

Reflecting on the current commercial music in the country (a lame style sung in two voices called dupla sertaneja is dominating the media in such a way that is suffocating all other styles), Byrne’s picks on Brazilian contemporary music is pure bliss. Check out his post and favorite tracks which includes Brazil’s samba icon Elza Soares, Carlinhos Brown, Alessandra Leão and Dona Onete, a fantastic 78 years old singer-songwriter from the Amazon. “Despite these economic ups and downs, the incredible culture of Brazil perseveres, and the quality of the music has not diminished”, he says.


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