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São Paulo – Los Angeles

Tatiana Cesso is a highly creative communications professional with expertise in content development and editorial strategy for various industries, such as entertainment, arts, travel, fashion and food.

She worked as an Editor of Culture for InStyle Brazil, one of the world’s leading publications for celebrity style, and was responsible for Marketing & Communications at Chilli Beans, the largest sunglasses company in Latin America, with headquarters in California.

Living in the US since 2010, she is a contributor to prestigious media outlets, such as Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire and Veja, the largest news magazine in Brazil.

My goal with The Brazil Curator is to leverage awareness about the Brazilian culture in the United States, these two beloved countries I’ve been calling home. Brazil has always had a soft place in the America’s heart but language and cultural barriers has prevented companies and talents from getting their message across clearly and to the right public. I work to overcome communication obstacles by using my connections and expertise as a journalist, media relations and marketing professional.

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Yasmim Castro
Minas Gerais – Los Angeles

Yasmim Castro is the talented eyes behind Studio Mi Castro, where she works on music, arts and fashion projects.

I’ve been living in the US for a while but I still keep many of the habits I used to have as a kid living in Valadares, a small city in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil country side. You can see I’m Brazilian when I can’t skip my cafezinho in the afternoon or when I dress my country hat.


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