A Cultural Encounter with the Yawanawá Tribe of the Brazilian Amazon

From deep in the Amazon rainforest of Acre, Brazil, eight members of the Yawanawá tribe take a journey to share their sacred songs, ancestral dance, language and centuries’ old traditions in a five-city US tour. A Journey to Mutum: a Cultural Encounter with the Yawanawá of the Brazilian Amazon, presented by Indigenous Celebration is a month long tour with multi-day events and happenings in Miami, Austin, New York, Vermont and Los Angeles [full schedule here].

Photos by Zack Embree, New Energy Media

This intimate encounter with a culture that lives in true harmony with nature is an enlightening exchange. Events feature the Yawanawá teachings, body painting, music, dancing, and healing prayers. These tribe members traveled to share their rich culture in hopes to save their way of life and spiritual heritage from extinction. Funds raised by Indigenous Celebration and the tour will be allocated towards establishing the Traditional School of Mutum in Acre, Brazil for Yawanawá children to learn their tribe’s traditions. The school will provide food, lodging and school supplies to support the teaching of their native language, legends, ancestral spiritual practices, and sacred plant knowledge passed down orally through generations.


The first stop of the tour at the Miami Theater Center is hosted by its Artistic Director and IC supporter Stephanie Ansin and her team. Joining in as the translator, I have had the privilege and pleasure to be part of this wonderful journey. After witnessing their ritual live, adorned in traditional outfits complete with intricate body paint and feather headgear, I am moved by their energy. Their voices traveled through the theater stage transporting the audience to the jungle. As I look forward to enjoying my next days with the Yawanawá tribe, I invite you join the Journey to Mutum. For more information and tickets visit: IndigenousCelebration.org or ICTickets.org


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