Luisa Maita brings Brazilian-style electronic music to the US


Fans of the Brazilian singer and songwriter Luisa Maita are set to be rewarded a big payout on their patience in waiting around for her follow-up recording to the 2010 hit Lero-Lero. For American listeners who are not familiar with Maita from her critically acclaimed debut album, her voice may be familiar from the award-winning film, Boyhood. She had two tunes on the soundtrack. She also worked with the electronic band Ladytron’s Daniel Hunt, recorded with British group Da Lata and lent her voice to Rio’s Olympic Games opening ceremony.

One listen to Fio da Memória (Thread of Memory), released on September 23rd by the Cumbancha music label, and one gets that the hypnotic, downtempo grooves with ethereal, jazzy vocals aren’t something pounded out in a day or two. Maita started the production with Tejo Damasceno, a DJ and electronic musician who helped formulate her new sound. For the second phase, she worked with bass player and producer Zé Nigro, who took a more organic approach. After they recorded the instruments, they applied filters, beats, and effects.

Maita’s music is rooted in traditional Brazilian rhythms but like so many of her contemporaries it is brought to life with electronics and other synthetic sounds, a representation of life in São Paulo, her frenetic hometown.

This fall, Luisa Maita brings her Brazilian-style electronic music to a number of cities in North America and will be appearing at the Austin City Limits Festival on the first two weekends in October. Check out her tour’s calendar.




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